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Course Implementation Resources

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Independent Research Seminar: Course Implementation Resources 

for School Administrators, Counselors & Library Media Specialists




  • Course Numbers: Independent Research Seminar - Under Library Media in the Course Registration Guide

  • Course Implementation Scenario 

    • NOTE: Teacher of record is typically the school library media specialist, but can be a content area teacher if appropriate (with collaboration/support and direct instruction on the research process from the library media specialist).


Curriculum & Symposium


  • Course Curriculum Units and Lessons are accessible in Schoology via Secondary Library Media Group > Resources > Independent Research Seminar folder.

  • Online Research Framework with research steps corresponding to curriculum units/lessons; used by students both during direct instruction and independently.

  • Student Researchers Wiki features Symposium highlights including programs, news articles, and student presentation videos.

  • IRC Instructors' PLC via Schoology > Secondary Library Media Group > Discussions > Independent Research Seminar.




We recommend using a screening process to ensure that this course is a good fit for prospective students. Students must be invested in conducting extended research on a topic of their own interest. School counselors, librarians, and teachers can "spot" candidates for this course-- any student who is passionate about an issue, problem, career aspiration, or topic in any discipline, and able to work semi-independently should be eligible.


The forms below are examples of those that have been used at some schools to market the course and screen students for course enrollment. These forms are not required and may be revised/customized to meet your needs. Editing is restricted on fill-in forms; to revise these, disable document protection using the password: bcpsirc.

  Screenshot of IRC brochure




Questions about course implementation, curriculum, or Symposium:

  • Office of Library Media Programs and Educational Technology: 443-809-4035

    Amanda Lanza, Coordinator - alanza@bcps.org -or- Suhaila Tenly, Specialist- stenly@bcps.org


Questions about mentors and internships for student researchers:

  • Your School to Career teacher on staff

  • Office of Career and Technology Education/School to Career Transition 443-809-8925

    Alicia Fales, Supervisor  afales@bcps.org